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lurkin and hidden

stranger beware

the scent of the night

on a midnight air

creeping through shadows

heel toe, heel toe

ever so silent

and meticulously slow

his breath is warm

his heart is a fire and pounding

for he pounces on daybreak

his agility is astounding

for he is the night

attire — long, sleek and black

for there lurks the forbidden

air on the attack

By: Rene Riel



So, I got the initial 100 followers which I’m very greatful for! So for the, to join as a partner I was directed to set up an account with Stripe for payments. This is what I did, and, I was declined. It said: Your account doesn’t qualify for stripe. Does anyone know why this happened?

I have gone back to re-do the application, but, it always comes up the same thing. I believe that Medium is a really good thing to get involved in. Where do I go from here?

Sitting down at the computer again, trying to work this issue out. Maybe I’ve set the Stripe account up wrong? Does anyone have any solutions?



Rene Riel

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