So, I got the initial 100 followers which I’m very greatful for! So for the, to join as a partner I was directed to set up an account with Stripe for payments. This is what I did, and, I was declined. It said: Your account doesn’t qualify for stripe. Does anyone know why this happened?

I have gone back to re-do the application, but, it always comes up the same thing. I believe that Medium is a really good thing to get involved in. Where do I go from here?

Sitting down at the computer again, trying to work this issue out. Maybe I’ve set the Stripe account up wrong? Does anyone have any solutions?



In the act of being wise, the ability to speak and be heard have always
gone hand in hand.

“As wisdom speaks, it has found someone who listens~
And those who listen, walk away with wisdom heard~”

By: Rene Riel
Date: Feb., 19th, 2022



It is when you learn the meaning of a lasting friendship.

A milestone of the heart

Has the wind for a friend

T’is inspiration for the soul

That stays true to the end.

A milestone of the heart

Is a roads lightened breeze

T’is the spirit of a friendship

Heard laughing in the trees.

A milestone of the heart

May be but a disguise

T’is the spirit of its knowledge

And the whispers of the wise.

A milestone of the heart

May beat steady and slow

T’is the making of the wind

Where kindred spirits grow.

By: Rene Riel — Sept., 12, 2008



might I make mention

of a looming crimson sky

this moment now fleeting

and will quickly pass you by.

in the red crimson line

memories are there

quickly taking you back

into the crimson — I stare.

my days of youth gone

but memories don’t age

thoughts of you linger

on a bright crimson stage.

these moments come and go

yearning for all to last

all memories of you

locked into a crimson past.

might I make mention

about what you just read

the crimson now fleeting

I have memories now instead.

M. Rene Riel Wed. May 7th 2008



Rene Riel - Writer

Rene Riel - Writer

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